Mazda Wants a Greener Planet

Mazda Motor Company adheres to the belief that everybody needs to contribute in having a clean environment as it believes in creating environmental consciousness through its business activities this year.

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One of the major reasons of increasing environmental hazards is motor vehicles. However, Mazda, instead of being part of such reason, contributes to the betterment of the environment. The car company consistently keeps an eye on the environmental impact of each angle of its operations and carries on a continued effort at keeping a clean environment. It does such act whether dealing with cars in production, on the road, or at the end of their life.

Mazda puts high emphasis on minimizing the environmental load of the whole vehicle lifecycle wholesale pipes. It manufactures clean-energy vehicles, which is done through employing production technologies and know-how that have little or no environmental impact.

Mazda was the first motor company that developed the first hydrogen-fueled rotary engine. In 2006, they used it for sale in the RX8 Hydrogen RE. Through blending hydrogen and oxygen to produce the required electricity, this kind of engine works. It only releases emits water as exhaust with no green house effect; that is without generating greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. That is not all! What is more interesting on this engine is that Mazda manages to achieve this result without compromising the torque, acceleration and exhaust tail note experience as compared to an internal combustion engine.

For the nth time, Mazda once again made a breakthrough in environmental concern when they became the first to introduce the unique Three Layer Wet Paint System. It was the first technology in the entire world to lessen Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and carbon.

This system of painting is a one-step baking and drying coating process. It applies three layers in succession-primer coat, base coat and clear coat-while still wet, without drying in between. The carbon dioxide emissions are lessening by 15 percent through the absence of the drying process. Aside from this, high-precision coating equipment yields gains in coating efficiency that leads to 50 percent reduction in VOC emissions. It is a new low solvent content paint that was developed by Mazda together with paint manufacturers.

Mazda is into continuous research and analyses to further enhance and manufacture vehicles that can conserve energy, minimize waste, remove air and water pollution and trim down chemical emissions that are hazardous. Mazda utilizes an effective and systematic operation system and at the same time enforcing efficient use of resources and hazardous wastes reduction.

Another proof of Mazda’s commitment to environmental concern is their Environmental Accounting System. This enables to find out the costs and benefits that are incurred by its environmental protection activities.

Moreover, Mazda trains their employees to inculcate in their minds environmental awareness. The company even encourages their staff to gather public qualifications in connection to the environment. Also, Mazda has environment education programmes that are set to a wide array of job profiles.

J D Power and Associates, a research firm in California, duly recognized the efforts of Mazda in environmental consciousness. As a matter of fact, among the most environmental friendly cars listed in their Automotive Environmental Index (AEI) study of 2006, the Mazda3 and MX5 are included.

S Kasthurirengan, the General Manager of Towell Auto Center, Oman said that ‘Mazda is renowned as a socially conscious company. According to the manager, it does several ways for it to maintain social responsibilities, for the benefit of man, in particular, and for the necessity of a greener planet, in general. He added that the company targets to promote environmental protection as the first corporate social responsibility and religiously maintains oneness with nature in every business activities around the world.

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