Types of Alternative Funding Group

Foshan Enterprise Office Properties has become popular among the real estate investors. A good way of understanding the property market of the region is to check out Commercial Listings Asia. This web site provides a complete listing of all the properties available under Alternative Funding Group Corp of Korea. The company has recently registered its first pre-payment properties in Korea. These properties are all located in the metropolitan areas.

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Commercial Listings Asia provides detailed information of the properties and the location. Details like location, floor numbers, category, city, square footage, year built, and business details are provided. Notifications are generally sent via e-mail. Commercial Listings Asia, formerly known as Commercial Estimate Company, was established by Foshan Commercial Banking Corporation Limited. Commercial Listings Asia provides a facility to search for suppliers of office furniture, computers, and other goods and services.

Commercial Listings Asia holds the largest stock of commercial real estate investment properties in Korea. About 85% of these properties are newly constructed or refurbished. Most of the properties belong to large Fortune 100 companies. Some of them are managed by international banking corporations. Most of these companies are located in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Geneva, and Los Angeles. The Korean bank that handled the commercial loans is called SPIC Bank Alternative Funding Group.

Commercial Listings Asia is now available at a nominal subscription. The subscription is charged on an annual basis. The charges include the subscription fees, which covers the cost of the Web site and maintenance. Other costs included in the subscription are advertisements in the Korean media and listing of properties with the amount over two million won (Korean dollars). These costs are included in the payment for the subscription.

Commercial Lending Corporation is another Alternative Funding group available in South Korea. It is mainly focused in finance and commercial activities in Asia. It has branches in Korea, Japan, China, and Hong Kong. CMC has partnership agreements with more than 30 banks, including the names of the heads of some of the biggest banks in the United States. The financing offered by CMC is mostly from the government.

On the other hand, Non-Government Commercial Lending is a government-to-government lending program. It is designed to promote small businesses through financing and interest rates. The project involves government financing, either directly or through agencies, for purchasing commercial properties and renovation and management. Government projects covered by this funding include real estate, industrial parks, and housing developments. Through this fund, private investors can also participate in a fund-to-fund deal. Private investors have the choice to purchase property as well as obtaining financing for the commercial property they want to buy.

A Private Lending Fund is an Alternative Funding group that makes non-recourse loans available to individuals who meet eligibility criteria, including those with bad credit. This funding group usually requires a minimum net worth, but this may vary. One advantage of this Alternative funding group is that they do not require borrowers to have a minimum net worth, which may be a limitation for some investors. In case an investor doesn’t qualify for a specific Alternative financing group loan, he/she can look for one on their own.

For more details, these Alternative financing groups provide complete information online. You can visit their websites to learn more. For a start, an investor should first contact the Alternative Funding Company, if he/she wishes to apply for a private funding group loan. If your business isn’t covered by a government fund, you can still look for financing through Alternative funding group. Alternatives funding group provide borrowers with the option to access funds based on his/her individual economic situation.

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