Math Tutoring for the Real World

If you’re the parent of a student who is having a difficult time with math, you’re familiar with the complaint that equations seem “pointless.” Students want to know how solving equations with variables will help them in the real world. Students aren’t sure that real people in the real world use math to solve real problems in their daily lives.

Students need to understand that logic used to solve math equations is a skill that will benefit them throughout life. Even in non-math situations, it is often necessary to isolate the unknown factor in a scenario to understand logically how to go about solving a certain problem. Math methodology lays the foundation for good problem-solving skills. In fact, many potential employers will require applicants to take a general math quiz before being hired. This realism makes the subject matter more enjoyable and easy to learn Cours particuliers Maths.

Many students who are struggling in their math work need additional tutorial assistance. In fact, hundreds of thousands of children having difficulty with a subject in school are currently being tutored in the United States for a variety of reasons:

· Many students didn’t master basic skills which need to be re-taught to them

· Some have a learning disability which poses challenges to the mastery of math and slows down progress in school

· Others have weak organizational skills which result in difficulty with keeping on schedule with studying and completing assignments

· Some students have medical, social, emotional, behavioral and/or family problems which result in their struggling to keep up with their peers

· And still others simply desire to get ahead

Very often, all it takes to improve a student’s low math grades is the right approach. Once that happens, it’s as if a light comes on: suddenly everything falls into place! Even students who have been performing very poorly in math can finally experience the joy of “getting it.”

Where can parents and students go for good quality math tutoring? Many parents find local tutors but rates can be as high as $175 per hour and not always effective.

An October 16th, 2007 Tutoring Report appeared on the NBC Today Show which described the dilemma many parents face in providing affordable quality tutoring.

As part of its overview of available services, the NBC Today Show explained that new internet technology is available to provide effective online tutoring services which enable students to get high quality one-on-one tutoring in the convenience of their own home at affordable prices.

With some online tutoring services, students can receive supplemental materials such as DVDs featuring complete review by expert teachers of the subject they are studying in school and unlimited practice exercises. In addition, online services may provide students access to new white board technology which enables them to watch the tutor’s lesson and talk to them as if they were face to face with the tutors.

The NBC Today Show interviewed the Foley family in Peekskill, New York where Mrs. Foley acknowledged that she could not afford the costs of chain tutoring company services and therefore opted for an online tutoring program which was affordable and also gave her a full 30 day guarantee.

The two Foley daughters who used the program found that their math grades had a dramatic increase after using the online tutoring service and the DVD math reviews. In the interview, one of the Foley teenage girls said that she found the tutoring service easy to use and a really effective service.

Although no one wants their child to struggle, the good news is that solutions are available for math help. Parents should realize that the knowledge and sense of achievement that a tutoring program can bring to the student will pay big dividends for years to come. Not only will it help earn a better grade, but it will also lay a critical foundation for future success, including help with college admissions exams.

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