How to Travel Safely in the World – 11 Great Tips to Know Before Your Next Trip

Traveling around the world can be the most exciting time of your life. To keep your trips safe and trouble-free, and whether the trips are short or long, it will be worth your while to go over the suggestions offered. Maybe just one tip alone, applied at the right moment on one of your journeys, could conceivably be a life saver for you.

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Regardless of where you are planning on going on your next vacation or business trip, either by car, ship, train or air, all countries are not the same in regards to safeness. I have traveled for many years, and I am always careful as to where I go anywhere within a foreign country. Even today, I travel often to the Caribbean, and I still keep my eyes open for anything unusual that might suddenly come-up when I am driving a car, or walking the towns and cities

There are some basic but important rules to follow when traveling that will help you to avoid the following list of possibilities: muggings; beggars approaching you late at night asking for money; local people stopping you abruptly and asking for directions; getting invited by total strangers to hitch a ride with them; street sellers getting too close for comfort with their wares; “fortunetellers” approaching you to tell your fortune, and many other odd actions.

Another common trick out there that I would like to make you aware of, and that is the taxi driver using the “switch of denomination” stunt to get you to pay them more for the fare. For example, you give them a $20 Dollar bill for the ride and they switch it for a $10 Dollar bill, and tell you that you are short, or that you made a mistake. Always count your money well before you hand it over to any taxi driver; and the same applies with restaurant waiters when you are ready to pay the bill. Remember, with foreign currencies such as Mexican Peso, Venezuelan Bolivar, Japanese Yen, and others, you need to keep an even sharper eye when paying for anything, because it takes familiarity with the currency at the beginning.

The following tips will help you to stay on the “safer-side-of-life” during your trips; and they should also be a reminder that your life is worth everything! Some of my tips you might have heard before, and hopefully others are new to you. However, all the tips are good suggestions for the ‘sake of awareness.’

1) Leave all your fine jewelry at home, if you can, otherwise place it in your room’s safe or the hotel’s at your destination. Hold yourself from going out on the streets advertising your “worth.” Take fake jewelry on your trips, if possible. Whenever you ask for room service of any sort, or when the maid is cleaning your room, put away all of your valuables, e.g.: purses, wallets, watches, cash, real jewelry, cameras, etc. Hide these items from their view.

2) This is the advice that I would give to my daughter. If you are a female traveling alone, or in company of other female friends, and you just got in on your flight, act as normal as if you were arriving at home. For some reason single women attract attention, especially at airports. Pretend that you know what you are doing, and try not to ‘feel or look lost.’ Once you clear Immigrations and Customs, and you have your luggage, walk toward your transportation straight ahead. If you get disoriented (like I have been many times) go to the information counter for help. If they are closed, ask someone with a uniform and a badge with their photo for directions. Policemen patrolling the airports are also good to ask for help.

3) As soon as you walk-out of Customs at the airport of your final destination, try and avoid making contact with strangers who approach you to offer you anything, especially a ride to town in their car. They may even be fellow passengers that would like to share the fare, but are unknown to you. Always take a reputable agency cab or bus to your hotel by yourself, or with friends traveling with you, unless the hotel where you are staying provides for transport, which will be best. The cost may be steep if you need to take an agency cab, but your life is worth a lot more than the fee–always! If you need to buy some local currency, it is best to do it right there at the airport with an agency or a bank, and not from total strangers that lurk at airports.

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