Can We Live Without Mobile Apps?

It’s been a long while since mobile phones became our irreplaceable assistants. It’s been less time since they evolved into smartphones. And it was only 2007 when Apple presented the very first iPhone as a combination of a phone, a media player and a tool for Internet surfing. Since then smartphones became even closer to us. But the true power behind them are applications distributed through corresponding stores. The whole diversity of third-party apps is what we can’t do without 婚介.

Some might say that living without apps is not a problem. Perhaps these people have been living without smartphones and tablets, and most importantly, without apps. But those who have this ‘smart’ experience, they got used to planning this and that with apps, and can feel incomplete without them. Apps give us an opportunity to streamline our daily activities and bring everything to order. When we don’t want to waste our time on one or another activity, apps help us save some for a pastime we prefer. Apps often help us waste our time, but as well they help us save it. They allow us to have (almost) all that we need in the pocket. Can we live without them 相親?

What if we tried to leave our smart assistants aside for several days?

Will you feel discomfort if you do? Surely you will. It won’t be long until you want your mobile device back. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are mobile-dependent or online-addicted speed dating hong kong.

Perhaps the most tempting reason to take the device back in your hands is social networking and photo/video sharing. That’s because it’s the most convenient way for each of us to keep in touch with everyone we know. It’s hard to schedule your day to communicate with everyone you want, have a chat, exchange thoughts on the latest news in whatever sphere, remember good old days looking through memorable photos.

What else is vitally important for an average user? Let’s think. We can quite easily schedule our days and plan our tasks on paper. However, we don’t have such efficient analogues to weather and navigation apps, and of course, there’s no alternative to compete with Googling anything on a smartphone. Checking inbox on the go is also crucial for busy people. But is there anyone who isn’t busy nowadays?

How do we feel without the apps that we got used to?

How do we feel without maps, camera apps, news aggregators, mediaplayers? The most common answers would be ‘uninformed’, ‘powerless’ and ‘lost’. And what do we do when we return back to the mobile reality and finally hold our devices in hands? Let’s look at the results of a survey by eBay:

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