Are You Hiring A Really Expert Mobile App Developer?

If you do not have advanced technical and coding knowledge, trying to create mobile apps on your own would be inadvisable 香港交友平台. Instead, you should ideally hire a professional, qualified app developer – who would be able to design customized applications as per clients’ requirements with ease, and hence, add value to your organization. However, you cannot expect every developer to have the same levels of sincerity, proficiency, and indeed, commitment levels. Here are a few things you need to ascertain, before actually recruiting an app developer in your firm:

  1. Duration of experience – Make no mistake – even youngsters can turn out to be amazing developers. However, if you are on the hunt for a full-time professional for your company 識女仔地方, it is always preferable to select someone with at least 3-4 years of practical industry experience. Go through the references and recommendations provided by him/her carefully, and ask about his/her precise job responsibilities in the earlier organizations.
  2. Familiarity with all mobile platforms – Unless your company is exclusively into Android or iphone app development, it does not make sense to hire a developer who is not familiar with the features of all the mobile application platforms available. Make sure that (s)he would be at ease while developing apps for Blackberry devices, iphones, Android phones and even ipads. You should not have to provide extensive mobile application development training to him/her.
  3. Examples of his/her work – Apart from ascertaining the prospective candidate’s experience, you need to find out the quality of his/her work till date as well 識女仔地方. Inquire about some of the apps that (s)he has successfully developed – and do a short background check on them. There should be no doubt in establishing that those apps were indeed developed by the concerned candidate.
  4. Ability to think beyond coding – To be able to make a mark in any mobile application development company, a developer needs to have a vision of how their creations are going to benefit the end-users. Find out how the job-applicant plans to incorporate user-friendly features in the apps (s)he would be creating. Proficiency in coding is, of course, necessary – but that is not sufficient for making a developer really suitable for your company.
  5. App-monetization – Except for a few instances, you would not be offering smartphone apps for free – and the developer you select should be able to incorporate appropriate monetization and pricing plans for the applications. If ads are to be displayed on the apps, (s)he has to come up with plans for generating revenue from them. Depending on the features of mobile apps, their subscription/download fees have to be determined.
  6. Communicability – Expert app developers make it a point to keep their seniors informed about all the features and functionalities that they propose to include in new mobile applications. Select such a professional, who would explain the basic technical properties of the app that is being created – so that, even if you do not have advanced coding knowledge, you are never left in the dark. In case you have any special queries/opinions, you should be able to reach the developer at any time.
  7. Ability to include stand-out app features – Your Blackberry, Android and iphone application development company is far from being the only one in the country. There would be scores of professional competitors, and your chosen developers have to deliver apps that have an edge over those developed by other companies, which belong to the same category. Find out what ‘special’ features (e.g. GPS tracking, real-time analytics tools, etc.) that the developer can include in apps, to enhance the latter’s performance and increase their appeal to buyers.
  8. Promotion of the apps – While app-promotion is generally done by specialized online marketers, the developer has to take up the charge of making it available on the Play Store. (S)he should have a clear idea about the steps involved for the purpose, and keep a tab on the approval status/download figures of the applications. If required, the developer might also have to provide a list of the salient features of his/her apps.
  9. Ownership issues – From the very outset, you need to make it clear that – once developed, the app would become the property of your organization, and the developer would not retain any intellectual rights for the same. The contract document should ideally have this clause clearly mentioned. All revenues accrued from the sales of the app should go to the company, and not to any individual.
  10. Fees and payments – We have mentioned this point at the very last, simply because the average compensation package for a well-qualified, experienced developer is likely to be on the higher side. However, stay well clear of people who ask for advance payments, or a share in the profits generated from the apps. Don’t be stingy in your salary-offer, but avoid agreeing to undue claims.

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