Polish Up Your Repertoire Of Sexy Stories

The easiest way to get a girl aroused is to tell her erotic stories.

When she starts hearing them, she has to make appropriate mental imagery to follow the action. And when she starts making sexy mental imagery, she’s going to start mentally putting herself in the action. (It’s the way we humans interpret language.)

But you need to be subtle about this literotica. You can’t crudely slam them into a conversation. You need to edge them in sideways, indirectly.

And the best way to do this is through recollections that have some relevance to what you’ve already been discussing.

I’m talking about things you could drop into a conversation casually and easily – maybe something that happened to you, or a friend, or something you read in a book or magazine, or saw on television or in a movie – any kind of ‘story’, short or long, where the words lead her mind onto matters of sex.

One perfect example comes to mind. I was on a video shoot recently with a stunning and well-known female television presenter. She and I and the crew broke for lunch. And, as video crews do, everyone started swapping stories.

Something in the conversation led one of the guys to recall a recent experience when he was called in to handle the lighting on a porn film. And it wasn’t long before he was describing the writhing bodies, the multiple orgasms, the close-ups and retakes, and so on.

Everyone was lapping this up. But what fascinated me was how the female presenter was becoming visibly turned on by all this talk. You could see her cheeks start to redden slightly, she was crossing and uncrossing her legs, and leaning forward and moving around in her chair in a way that was emphasising her breasts. Definite signs of arousal.

(In fact, if we hadn’t had such a full afternoon’s shooting ahead of us, I’m sure with a little encouragement she and I could have spent a delightful few hours together.)

But here’s the point. It probably won’t surprise you to know that guys who are expert at seduction have dozens of stories and anecdotes like the ‘porn movie’ at hand.

It may also NOT surprise you that the ‘losers’ I’ve spoken to could hardly think of one.

So, just off the top of your head, how many provocative stories do you know?

Put yourself in this situation. You meet a girl. Maybe you’ve spoken to her in the street, or in a department store, or in the gym. You suggested having a drink or a coffee, and she agreed. And now you’re talking to her – and you’d like to take it a lot further.

Now, the big question. Do you let the conversation drift wherever it wants to go? Or do you take charge and steer it towards sexy talk? And when the time is right, can you ‘bridge’ into a really sexy story so that it starts her thinking longingly about intimacy – and doing it in such a way that it seems quite a natural part of the conversation?

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