How Credible Is Your Web Content?

Your web content is the number one tool you have for gaining your visitors’ trust. Your visitors’ trust in you is the number one reason they will buy from you. Do your visitors trust you enough to buy from you? If you’re getting visitors but not making any sales, it may be your web content. To build trust, your content must be credible. In this article we will discuss how to evaluate your web site for credibility.   

Does Your Content Contain Spelling and Grammar Errors?
Spelling and grammar errors look unprofessional. These are the number one turn-off for web visitors. And yet, they are the easiest to remedy. Unfortunately, spell-checkers will not catch all the mistakes so it is essential to have your content proofread. Whether you have a friend proofread your content or you hire a professional, error-free content is an essential first step to building credibility.

Does Your Content Make Sense?
If your content rambles in an unorganized fashion, you are going to lose your visitor. Read your content aloud. Have someone else read it. Is it clearly written? Does it flow and does it make sense? You have about 25 seconds of your visitors’ time before they click off to something else. Make your content clear and concise.

Is Your Content Relevant?
Few things are more infuriating than clicking from a Google search result to a website that doesn’t match the search results. Your content must match the keywords you use. If not, your visitors will leave immediately. And you certainly won’t rank well in Google. Google is getting more sophisticated in its evaluation of web site relevancy. Keep your content relevant or your website will be irrelevant to Google.

Is Your Web Content Up-to-Date?
In order to be credible, web content needs to be current. Nothing will cause a visitor to click away from your site more than out-of-date information. In internet “time”, one month is a year and one year is ten years! When writing your website, keep it “evergreen” and stay away from using dates or events, if possible. When writing a product review, you need to be sure you have the latest and most up-to-date product available. Keep your content current.

Is Your Content Trustworthy?
Internet readers are becoming savvier and can easily check out just how true your content is. Your content needs to be well-researched and reliable to gain the trust of your visitor. Even one small lie or half-truth will cause you to lose potential customers. And, with the sophistication of today’s search engines, plagiarized or copied content is soon found out. Write original and unique content. Re-write PLR. Research thoroughly and double-check your resources.

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