How to Give Up Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis, ganja, mary-jane and probably a score or more names can be applied to this particular drug which has a long, checkered history all over the world. The politics of this drug also has had a checkered history and has often distorted how it is viewed as people of bias in the pro-marijuana and anti-marijuana camps tend to take only the bits they want to promote their own point of view .

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To be free of this bias this lens is not PRO or ANTI Cannabis, it is simply anti-addiction which has less to do with the drug itself as it does have to do with the psychology of addiction Delta 8 for anxiety.

Marijuana Addiction

To be addicted to marijuana is not an uncommon thing but the reasons for this addiction can confuse some people. The negative image of marijuana as a drug that causes harm and is associated with harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine have implied that it is as addictive as these drugs or even cigarettes whose addictive effects are now widely known .

The truth is that smoking pot is not addictive like cigarettes or cocaine or methanphedamines because the chemicals in cannabis do not leave the same physically addicting affects. There are some mild effects of withdrawal from marijuana but they are nothing like the hell that people go through trying to give up heroin. Instead marijuana addiction is much more like other psychological addictions such as gambling and alcohol addictions which stem from a want of a certain high be it the thrill of winning, the loss of inhibition and control of alcohol or the mellow high that most people experience with weed. This want can be strong it feels like a need and is the basis for being classified as an addiction, the user feels like they cannot live without it.


The causes and reasons for cannabis addiction are many and varied but a common thread is that people smoke to escape from something in their own lives, an issue or problem they cannot solve so it is easy to zone out than suffer. This can range from abuse, stress and even just boredom and lack of motivation; the reason is always there lurking and driving you back to smoking marijuana because without this driving force you would be able to quit much easier.

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