Can Mole Removal Be Done Safely at Home?

There are several different options for at home mole removal that I would like to explore. I have broken the options down to a couple of different categories: Creams and Lotions, Amateur Surgery, Natural Regimens.

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Creams and Lotions – there are hundreds of creams and lotions on the market with claims of “mole removal.” The issue with creams and lotions is that they are messy and you don’t know if they are going to work for you. The only way to test them is to go out and choose one, apply it, and wait for results. Some might help to lighten the mole but not eliminate it, others may do nothing more than make your face gooey and your wallet light. I’m not suggesting that these are all scams or snake oil but the market has been flooded, making it difficult to navigate which products will result in complete mole removal F95zone .

Amateur Surgery – The mole removal crime of passion. After being embarrassed or frustrated by a mole, you take it into your own hands to remove the mole by any means necessary. A mole-pendectomy if you will. This is not a very good mole removal strategy for several reasons. First, it can lead to infection. If the instrument that you choose (scissors, nail clippers, chainsaw etc) aren’t properly sterilized then you will have a much bigger problem on your hands then mole removal. Secondly, based on the assumption that you are not a professional surgeon (hence the “amateur surgeon” title), there is a high likelihood that you could cut yourself causing bleeding and an eventual scar. I imagine the only thing more embarrassing than a mole would be retelling the story of the time you tried to home mole removal surgery and now have a scar. Lastly, and I’m not sure if you were aware of this, cutting into your own body hurts!

Natural Regimens – This brings us to mole removal by natural means. I’d like to note, that I’m not a hippie “tree hugger” who recycles his own toilet paper. I do my fair share for the environment as I think that most people do. I tried to break down my choice in mole removal by using logic. Does it make sense that if I rub a topical cream on my skin that a mole will disappear? Does it make sense that if I cut a mole off of my face it won’t grow back? Or does it make more sense that if my body decided to grow a mole because something internally told it to? Did I need to change my diet or sun exposure? After exploring it from that angle, it made the most sense to me to explore a natural mole removal regimen. Not a product made out of all natural ingredients but a regimen to balance my body and correct the issue once and for all.

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