What’s in a Name?

BEGIN SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS – First Step is to generate a name. Choosing a name may sound a bit mundane but there is more to choosing a name than you might think. Hopefully you are going to live with this name for a long time so let’s get it right from the start. Changing names (or phone numbers for that matter) can set you back. You lose valuable time and customers every time you change. The whole idea behind a name is to brand that name in your market or business community. Branding a name takes time, persistence, energy and money. None of us have any of those elements to waste.

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A good name should say WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHERE to get more information and HOW to contact you. That can be a tall order for one name. Some companies have tried to get the job done with names that represent their phone number along with their products or services short business brands . EXAMPLE: a fishing guide might advertise 1-800-Get-Fish. In its time this used to be a pretty good idea but today it falls short. Unless the name of the company is actually “1-800-GET-FISH” the name does not say WHO they are. The example also suggests that you should only call for information during working hours and NOT to call at midnight or on SUNDAY. After all it is a phone number and you wouldn’t want to be rude and call in the middle of the night.

Also, newer phones, like the Blackberry for example, stretch their numbers over keys that don’t work like the old telephone key pads. Today, on the new progressive phones, some letters are NOT on keys that have numbers associated with them or can’t readily be found. I could not call 1-800-GET-FISH on my Blackberry to save my life. Times are a changing!

Today we have the Internet. People know that the Internet is open 24/7… 365 days a year. They also know that they can shop on the Internet any time – day or night – without disturbing a soul. Don’t think for a minute that the world isn’t shopping for their RE needs at all hours of the day and night. Customers are gathering information at all hours and following up in the morning. It is a fact! Your future customers will be online at 12:00am -1:00am -2:00am and 3:00am in the morning. Your market is a world wide market… if you are on the net. If you are not on the net you are severely handicapping your business. It is NOT up for debate. It only makes sense, these days, to have your name be your website name. I firmly believe that in the world of creative real estate YOUR name should end in .COM, or .NET or .ORG or .BIZ….ANYTHING is better than a name that does not lead your customers to your website.

User forums on the internet are one of the difficult website types to put up in a short period of time. Since these forums are run by users, they usually take long to build and become successful. As an administrator, there is nothing much you can do, but wait for people to sign up on your forum. But, how do you get people to sign up? How do you make your forum run successfully? Here are some essential things that you can do as an admin to give your forum a head start.

Increase Signups – installing welcome guest headers on your forum is probably one of the best ways of increasing signups. You have to encourage your visitors to signup at the site and the more visitors you get, the more posts will be created.

Name of the Domain – choosing a domain name is also important because it also plays an essential part in determining the success of your forum. By choosing a catchy domain name, you will have more visitors getting attracted to your site. Moreover, make sure that the name is not too long or complicated. Short and simple names are easily remembered by people.

Paid Postings – there are many people who pay for posting services for their forums. They do not realize that it is really easy for users to guess that the posts they find in a forum are genuine or not. If you indulge in this kind of practice, chances are that you will end up losing all your members. The best bet here is to avoid paying for posts and let your forum grow professionally. Do not build the foundation of your forum on lies because even if users can’t notice, the search engines will and this can be a very big disadvantage to you.

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