Be a Poker Pro With the Internet

Some people are born poker players. They have the perfect poker face and can tell when others are bluffing. But how about those people who don’t know how to play? Not everyone was taught at a young age or shown how to play by a pro. So where do they look to find out how to play? Online of course!

How To Make Money With An Online Casino Site?

The internet is a whole wealth of knowledge. It allows you to find out information about anything. If you want to learn to play poker online then you will have to research the subject. It is quite easy to simply type “learn to play poker” into a search engine and it will come up with many results, but are these the results you want? Most of the websites that teach you how to play poker will charge a small fee or make you pay for an e-book. If you are happy to pay these charges then your research is done . If you would rather learn for free (and there are sites out there) then keep looking! You will find a site eventually and it will be worth it for the money saved. Another good place to look is You Tube. They have many videos that you can watch for free (although not all great quality). They will show you how to play step by step but beware, some videos will finish halfway through a tutorial and ask for a fee to watch the other half. Do not get conned!

Once you have found somewhere to teach you to play poker you will need to get practicing. If you are going to be playing online, try to find an online casino that will give you free money to play with when signing up or one that will match your deposit. These give you free money to practice with so if you lose it won’t matter so much. If you are planning on playing poker for real then you may want to buy some poker accessories to get you started. These are optional but you will concentrate better in the right setting. You can buy all different kinds of accessories for playing poker from real chips to a whole poker table. You can even deck your room out in poker decor! This would be particularly handy if you were planning a poker night with friends or playing on a regular basis.

Of course if you are a bit of a “technophobic” and don’t want to trawl the internet for free sites then why not try getting a book out from the library? It’s free and you can see which ones are the most popular. The more times the book has been taken out, the better it is at teaching. You can read the book and practice at the same time. The only drawback is that online you can watch videos whereas in a book you have to rely on a storybook of pictures. You can also buy one DVD that teaches you some poker strategy.

How to play Badugi? What it is this Budagi you speak of and where did it come from? If these are questions you have asked in puzzlement then this article is for you.

The game of Badugi is a very fun and addictive game that has recently over the last few months become available on the biggest pokersite online, PokerStars.

Until approximately 2006, Badugi was a form of poker unknown outside of the likes of China and Korea. Today, this fascinating and fun poker variant is growing more and more popular each day; online as well as offline. Badugi is today played worldwide and many pokers enthusiasts love the combination of exciting poker elements and psychology.

It has previously been spread by a few online poker operators such as Doyles Room, Royal Card Room, Paddy Power and VC Poker, as well some live poker rooms in California and Las Vegas. I have heard that during the WSOP of 2008, Budagi was offered on Sunday nights at the Imperial Palace – Las Vegas, and also the Venetian will spread Badugi on demand.

There was a badugi article written online, where the writer heard former WSOP main event winner Greg Raymer make reference to playing $400-$800 BOT (Badugi, Omaha 8, Triple Draw), so the game is very much the rage and in demand in the high stakes mixed games in Vegas. But it is not a game that is just reserved for the live nosebleed stakes.

You could play as low as $0.05/$0.10 limit and as high as $100/$200 blinds in the online casinos mentioned above, but the game will very soon become much more widely available with the number one pokersite in the world, Pokerstars offering Budagi.

Badugi is a triple draw four card games where the low-hand wins. Don’t panic if you are not familiar with triple draw as badugi strategy is very straight forward and easy to learn. You can play Badugi as limit poker, pot limit poker or half pot limit poker. It is said that Pokerstars will be offering both limit and half-limit Budagi games initially.

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