Should You Get An Online MBA?

Getting an online MBA sounds attractive in the abstract. Statistically speaking, executives with a Masters in Business Administration earn more money over their lifetimes than executives without this graduate degree. But is that really enough information on which you should base a decision to invest a considerable amount of your time and your money over a one to two year period MBA ?

Outside of the executives at the very highest management levels, sales representatives are often the biggest earners in any corporation. A person already doing well on a professional sales track would want to think twice about disrupting his or her sales career path for a MBA in marketing or other related field.

That being said the job market for entry and middle level managers has become extremely competitive over the last few years, and perhaps a MBA is becoming a job requirement for executive positions in the most desirable corporations. A little time spent with the people in your human resources department may help paint a proper picture about corporate expectations in your industry.

Once you have done your homework and have made the determination that a MBA would positively impact your career aspirations you have to decide between a full time residential program or an online MBA program. So far as the institution granting the degree is concerned there is no difference between a residential MBA and an online MBA. Future employers would also have no way to know that you earned your MBA online unless you told them.

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