What to Do to Relax Before an Exam

The general consensus is that most people can get at least 20 to 30% on any test. So that is some good news. Your test taking strategy has to be solid. For example, make sure you understand that if you guess, you will be penalized or not penalized. Be certain to answer questions that you know immediately and those that you doubt or have some question about, you place the number of the question or problem on your scratch paper, only to go back to them later. Do not stop to pick the roses. You know or you do not know CISM certification cost it.

Well, that absolutely depends on the day and time of the exam. How much time do you have? If you have a week before an exam then, you a lot of time to get yourself under control. Now, if the exam is within a very short time, like a day or morning, then we need to earnestly get some cooling down time.

Self-examination would be my first approach. Ask yourself a series of questions about you as a test taker. Sit quietly, and ask yourself about test taking in general. If you are completely terrified of taking a test, we need to handle this in a very different way. My advice would be to do some role modeling sessions where you see yourself with eyes closed sitting in a test taking site.

See yourself at a desk with the test in front of you. See yourself answering all the questions well. See yourself placing a number to the side of the scratch paper that you need to give more thought to. See yourself finishing on time and feeling just great.

Another attempt will be to program yourself, so well that the moment you sit down to take any test within seconds your brain goes into automatic robot mode and the next time you look up you are already done with the exam. It is as if you were hypnotized the whole time. Getting into that state of mind is quite easy, but you need to show some patience. You usually do the programming at least a week ahead of the exam date.

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