Planning an Ecommerce Website – Some Comments on Web Based Shopping Carts

There needs to be a better online ecommerce software package and processing system which is more secure, and user friendly. Being secure is paramount but ease of use and a positive user experience is also a priority. Not long, ago, I was discussing this with a new online small business person, who is considering a new start-up selling online.

“I am planning an Ecommerce setup and so seriously searching for drop shippers. Maybe, the Jewelry market or Office Supplies but still this research keeps on going for hours Order Spliffin Vape Carts Online I am looking for the ultimate shopping cart but still have not found what I am looking for!”

Yes, I’ve been completely underwhelmed with the typical formats, as it seems there is not a lot of innovation in that space. They really are not user friendly, I hope someday they link all of that to 3D Printing and Holographic Imagery, or video projected spectral imaging 3D, so you can display whatever it is you are buying and see it, before you buy it.

Also, I find most online shopping carts completely irritating when you are buying several products at once, and you have to keep switching back and forth. What have you found that you like the best, and how on Earth can you keep the hackers out now that many rogue-nation cyber divisions have their staff doing “free-lancing” on the side in the hacker world with quasi-quantum computing skills? It seems nothing is secure these days.

The most important thing for an online shopping cart is of course that it must be secure 100% and then the functionality has to work so that it doesn’t lose customers, or cause people to eject from the sales process or payment submission feature. A good number of electronic payment schemes alienate the customer, without capturing the sale, and even if they do complete the transaction, the customer does not feel their data is safe and worries about it.

Further, if a customer is not happy with the sale they are more likely to call up and harass the company if the product was shipped a couple of days late or failed to arrive when the customer perceived it should have. In this case the company then is caused to spend more time, labor, thus, money keeping them happy, which negates the entire reason for automated type payment systems, and therefore, I ask all online ecommerce sellers; is your shopping online payment system sending your customers away?

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