Tales of Poseidonia: The Power Spirits (Part: X1V)

Continue down the path with your ghost. After jumping over a cliff, you will land in front of two Skirmisher majors with plasma pistols and a Skirmisher commando with a needle rifle. Because Skirmishers are so agile, ramming them is very hard. Instead, exit your ghost behind one of the rocks, kill them with needle rifle headshots, then grab the commandos needle rifle ammo. Renter your ghost and continue down the path. Ahead, you will find a health kit and a truck, but stay in your ghost because it is easier to maneuver and boosts. Continuing down the path, you will come to a mining facility, concluding this rally point.

Part 2: Hand over Fist
Your next objective is to secure a mining facility up ahead. This mining facility is on the other side of a canyon, and there is a bridge at the end of the road crossing over to it. On your side of the bridge, there is a 45 ammo DMR, an assault rifle, a frag grenade, two health kits, and four marines 7.62×39 ammo . On the other side of the bridge, there is a shade turret, four Grunts, and three Jackals. Drive your ghost towards the bridge but get out at the small hill with a red bush on top. From the bottom of the hill, your body is completely covered to the enemies on the bridge, providing you with great cover. Kill as many infantry as possible with your needle rifle, but use the DMR to kill the Grunt in the shade turret and the Jackals. To do this, run up the hill and fire upon the enemies until you see them returning fire. Then return behind the hill for safety.

After killing all of the enemies, restock on health and DMR ammo at your side of the bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left into the facility, where you will arrive at a set of stairs. At the top of these stairs, there are two health kits, a plasma grenade, a hologram, and two plasma rifle crates. As you turn the corner, be prepared with your needle rifle to kill two Skirmisher majors with needle rifles. Kill them with headshots and restock on their ammo. Continue up to the next flight of stairs, and the will see a large water tower which the platform bends around. When you come to this tower, switch to your DMR, because on the other side of the tower, there is a Grunt heavy and four Jackals. Kill the Jackals with hand shots and headshots from your DMR, exercising patience and accuracy to conserve ammo.

Up the next flight of stairs, you will find three Grunt majors and one Grunt ultra. Kill them all with your needle rifle. You will find a needle rifle crate and an armor lock ability to your right. Swap your needle rifle for one of the Grunt’s plasma pistols because you will be fighting Elites up ahead.

As you climb the last flight of stairs, you will reach the roof level. Be careful, because there are two Jackals and two Elite majors around the corner. One of these Elite majors is operating a plasma turret. Using the corner as cover, kill the Jackals and first Elite major with your DMR and plasma pistol. To kill the Elite with the plasma turret, sprint around the corner to the covered area on the left where you will be protected by a large column. From here, shoot the gas tank to the right of the Elite with a few plasma pistol rounds until it catches fire. This will cause it to detonate a few seconds later, destroying the plasma turret. This will allow you to easily kill the Elite with an overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot. Now you can return to the area you came from, trade your plasma pistol for your needle rifle, and restock its ammo from the covenant crate.

Retrace your steps forward and turn left at the destroyed plasma turret. You will see an assault rifle crate, a frag grenade, and a health kit in front of you, so restock on health if necessary. Ahead of you, there is another platform on which there are four Grunt spec ops, two Jackals, an Elite major, and an Elite Zealot with a concussion rifle. First, kill the Jackals with your DMR from the platform that you are on. It is important that you move quickly or else the Zealot will escape, so do not kill the Grunt spec ops yet. Jump down to ground level and start climbing the stairs up to the enemy platform. As you approach the stairs, the Grunt spec ops will begin descending towards you. Swap to your needle rifle and kill them quickly with headshots. After killing all four Grunt spec ops, trade your needle rifle for one of their plasma pistol and begin charging it as you climb the last flight of stairs. After charging for a few seconds, climb the last few steps, stun the Zealot, and kill him with a headshot. Do the same for the Elite major.

Move back down the stairs and swap your plasma pistol for a needle rifle. If necessary, restock health in the small room that contains a health kit, sprint, a frag grenade, and an assault rifle crate. Once you are ready to continue, walk to the edge of the large hole in the roof, where you will see three Grunt spec ops below you. Kill them all with needle rifle headshots, before jumping through the hole. On the level below, there are three more Grunt majors, so kill them all with your needle rifle once you jump through the hole. Through the next door, you will find two health kits, a plasma launcher, a plasma pistol and needler crate, and a plasma grenade. I would suggest keeping your current loadout of a DMR and needle rifle, though do restock on health if necessary. As soon as you walk out the final door, you will see two Grunt heavies attempting to escape in ghosts. Be ready to kill them quickly with your needle rifle before they can enter these ghosts. If you successfully kill them both, you will now have the option of entering three ghosts and a revenant. Although the revenant has higher firepower and more damage resistance, I would suggest taking one of the ghosts due to their mobility, speed, and superior boost.

A little ways down the dirt road, you will find three Grunts and an Elite major. Get out of the ghost and kill the Grunts with your needle rifle, then renter the ghost and either ram the Elite or kill it with the ghost’s plasma turrets. The dirt path will eventually lead to a broken down bridge. You will have to drive off the end, but the drop is small enough that it will not hurt you if you are in the ghost. In addition, on a section of the bridge still standing, there is a destroyed warthog, a DMR, and a data pad. However, it is very difficult to get to this section, and you should have plenty of DMR ammo at this point, so do not worry about trying to get to this bridge section.

Your current objective is to destroy another AA battery, located on a raised area ahead of you. Like before, the best strategy is to clear out the enemies on the lower level first. After jumping down the broken ledge, you will see a rock wall between you and the AA gun. Turn right and hug the rock wall after you exit your ghost while swapping to your DMR. Stay against the rock wall and slowly circle around it, constantly watching the area ahead of you. Around the wall, there are two normal Grunts, a Grunt ultra, five Jackals, and a wraith. Use the curvature of the wall as cover and begin picking off the infantry with your DMR. You will need to use your DMR instead of your needle rifle because these enemies are very far away. Once you kill all of the infantry, pick off the Grunt heavy operating the wraith’s plasma turret and sprint behind the large boulders in front of you for cover. Swap your needle rifle for one of the Grunts or Jackals plasma pistols. Overcharge a plasma pistol shot, move from behind cover, and run towards the wraith in a zigzag pattern so it cannot hit you. Once you achieve a plasma pistol lock-on, stun the wraith and jump on top of it. However, instead of planting a grenade in the wraith, enter the plasma turret. This will prompt the Elite major operating the wraith to exit it. Once he exits the wraith, exit the turret and kill him with an overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot. Leave this wraith here for now, but you will need it later.

Move up to the rock with the two covenant crates next to it. Here, you will find a drop shield, two needle rifles, and a plasma launcher. If you are hurt, swap your sprint for the drop shield. Place a drop shield to heal, and then swap back for sprint. The rock on this hill provides good cover for clearing out the next area. Ahead of you, there are two Grunts, four Jackals, three Skirmishers, an Elite major, and a wraith. Pick off as many of the light infantry as possible using DMR. If you run out of DMR ammo, swap it for a needle rifle from the crate next to you. While snipping, constantly watch the wraith. At this time, Kat usually draws most of its fire, but it will sometimes shoot at you. If you see a plasma ball heading your way, run to the left and use the curvature of the wall as cover. Once you kill all of the light infantry and the wraith gunner, sprint up to the double rocks ahead and use them as cover. Kill either the wraith or the Elite first, whichever is closer. Plant a grenade in this wraith; do not try to jack it.

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