Gambling is an activity that is prohibited by Islam. The prohibition of gambling in Islam is not a mere chirp, because in the Qur’an Islam has clearly prohibited its people from playing gambling. Islam forbids gambling because gambling can cause bad effects on life, including causing depression, causing mental disorders, causing bankruptcy and there are many more bad effects that gambling games produce.

In Islam, gambling is a major sin for Muslims who have tried or have been in the gambling game. The Prophet and Allah SWT have clearly forbade their people to play gambling. It turns out that in addition to religion that prohibits gambling, the government is also aggressive enough to prevent its citizens from gambling. And trying to eradicate gambling in the country.

Because gambling in Islam is forbidden, the scholars agree that gambling is forbidden. Many types of gambling are indeed circulating on the internet and in the world, including cockfighting, dice, poker, domino99 gambling and others judi domino 99 . All games that contain bets or get a winner by placing bets and taking the property of the loser are gambling.

In Islam itself, gambling can damage the joints of the life of the nation and state. Because of course gambling is a despicable thing in the view of the Islamic religion. Therefore, people who gamble are certain to be gambling.

In addition to the many negative effects of sin that gambling has on life, gambling in Islam can lead to criminal acts for those gamblers. Not a few people are entangled in criminal acts including robbery, theft, and murder which are carried out only because of the effects of gambling games.


If you realize that gambling in Islam is unlawful, then stop from now on if you feel that you have been given an age by the almighty. Of course you don’t want to die in a state that still likes to play gambling. Therefore, stop from now on because besides gambling is illegal in Islam, it is also so that your financial condition can improve again.

Because everything in gambling has been regulated starting from the game and what will happen in the future. Indeed you will win but over time you will also feel a defeat which may be a nominal greater than the nominal victory you get.

For those of you who really find it difficult to get out of the circle of gambling games, don’t stop immediately because gambling itself does have opiates such as narcotics and cigarettes that are not easy to stop.

So start quitting slowly. Remind yourself that gambling in Islam is haram and forbidden. Start intending yourself that you want to change for the better. Start getting closer to those in power, because by looking for positive activities, namely getting closer to those in power, of course it’s not impossible that you can stop playing gambling in its entirety.

The next thing you can do to stop gambling when you realize that gambling in Islam is a sin, is to seek support from your family. Don’t be afraid to discuss your problem with your family. Because family is the first person who must support your actions to stop this cursed gambling game.

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