5 Ways Your Skin Care Product Can Help You

Having a baby is a life-changing event in many different respects. Your body spent nine months growing another human being, and getting larger, getting ready to breast-feed and raging with hormones. It is no wonder that your feet are wider, your waistline and breasts will need time to return to normal size and your skin may have broken out from all the hormones. This is the time to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your child.

Many women are discouraged and frustrated when they stare in the mirror and find acne, pimples, wrinkles or skin that just appears tired. You can change your perception by doing a few quick skin care things to put your face back in order. Remember that you just had a baby and this is no time to judge yourself so stop worrying about how your body looks and just concentrate on being a new mom. Your body will get back in shape, your skin will get better and you’ll just buy some new shoes.

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If you are breast-feeding it is especially important to use Ellanse wholesale supplier natural skin care products because chemicals are able to leach into your body and will make their way into your breast milk. Look for skin care products that contain no harsh chemicals or are made by companies who pride themselves in producing green products.

Remember to drink, drink, drink. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and a large part of it is made of fluid. By drinking water and staying hydrated you increase the suppleness of your skin and the ability of your skin to heal after the delivery of your baby. This means that hydrating your skin will also help your stomach and breasts to return to normal size and shape even more quickly.

One of the second most important things to do to take care of your skin is to get rest and sleep. Remember that without sleep your skin will look dry, dull and wrinkled and you are at greater risk for developing pimples. It may be difficult to grab a nap in the afternoon or to appreciate the importance of going to bed early at night but if you don’t everyone else will read it on your face the next day.

Skin care also includes exfoliation, on both your face and your body. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that affects many pregnant women especially around the belly or face and neck. This hyperpigmentation is caused by the hormones which are necessary to support the pregnancy. Once you’ve given birth you can help your body to lose the darker skin by exfoliating regularly. Make it a habit of exfoliating your face and body twice a week on specific days. This will help you to maintain a habit.

An inexpensive and yet very effective body scrub is made by mixing sea salts and olive oil. Just a couple tablespoons of olive oil mixed with sea salt will help to exfoliate those areas on your body and prime your skin for moisturizing afterwards. Be sure not to use this body scrub on your neck or face because the skin there is too delicate.

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