Smoking Law Change in South Africa – Second-Hand Smoking

Imagine yourself in your home in South Africa. It is a quiet moment, as you relax in front of the TV, or maybe you are in your garden enjoying the sunshine. Birds are singing in the trees, the sky is blue, you have earned a well-deserved time off and you feel good.

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All of a sudden, you are ambushed Kandypen Vaporizers . Two heroin addicts have broken into your home and are pinning you down. You cannot move. One is preparing a hypodermic needle. You instinctively know it has heroin in it and you want to scream “No!” but you are held down and silenced and there is nothing you can do but watch as the needle sinks into your vein and you feel the drug in your blood, along with whatever impurities were added to it. The heroin addicts saunter away, smirking at you, for even trying to stop this assault.

The next day, your body goes through a terrible reaction to the after-effects of this toxic injection. You become ill and have to take time off work. And just as you thought it was safe, the heroin addicts break into your home, one pins you down, and the other is holding a syringe and smirking at you. You know what is going to happen next and you are powerless to stop it…

Imagine this happening every day in your own home. Imagine that you now have to keep all your windows closed at all times, keep your eye on the lock, and be careful all the time. And then, when you think you are safe to go out to work or the shops, all of a sudden, you are ambushed again. You recognize the heroin addicts. Only this time there are four of them, you see the needle, you see them smirking at you, and you feel sick to your stomach knowing what is about to happen to you…

It is really awful, is it not? But if you are a smoker smoking illegally, then you are that addict. You are forcing your neighbour to take a drug that they choose not to take. You are forcing them to take this drug into their bloodstream whether they like it or not. If your workplace is near someone’s home and you force them to smoke when you do, you are just like those heroin-injecting thugs in this story. It is one thing being an addict, and of course, the addiction is just that – something one cannot help. However, the law is now here to stop you from forcing innocent people to take your drug in their bloodstream.

I remember when I first watched a stop-smoking video. It was by Paul McKenna and quite an interesting new experience for me. I loved his voice and the calm images. A colleague was noticing just how bad my health was from smoking and lent me his video. That was way back then in the days when videos were not yet DVDs. Anyway, I watched it many times and enjoyed it, but there was one phrase in it that would always get me out of hypnosis, because I could not do what it asked me to. So I concluded that the video did not work for me and returned it to my colleague. He was sad that it did not help, because it had helped him and his partner quit.

A year or so down the line, I had already cut down a little because of my worsening health with a smoking-related disease. Then one day, I was accidentally hypnotized to stop smoking. I say accidentally because it was by a business contact who was talking incessantly about the contents of the Alan Carr book, the Easyway to Stop Smoking, all this whilst the drink was flowing. So he managed to somehow get the message to my unconscious mind. I continued to smoke straight afterwards. But the next day when I ran out of cigarettes, I went up to the counter with my purse wanting to buy them and found that I could not. I opened and closed my mouth like a fish and no words came out. I left the shop an ex-smoker.

Years later when I became a stop-smoking practitioner, I was making small talk with a colleague whilst waiting for my next client. She asked what I did and then said “I I tried hypnosis once to stop smoking but it didn’t work.” I expressed my surprise, because she was a non-smoker. Then she explained that about six months after the hypnosis, she decided all on her own just to go cold turkey and succeeded.

So what happened there? What really helped us to stop? Well, I have my own opinion. Call it a hunch or an educated guess. I think that video I had first watched must have put some great suggestions in my unconscious mind. All I then needed was an extra push. That was it. I am now amazed that I had already cut down but did not put any of it down to the wonderful video I had watched! And I think that the colleague who quit “cold turkey” also had all those suggestions in her mind from her hypnosis session. And somehow after six months, something finally clicked for her and she was able to quit.

The more I think of it, the more it makes sense. That hypnosis that we first had did work. It just did not work when we wanted it to. A healing journey is just that; a journey. And the path to success is not always as straightforward as we want it to be. Sometimes we need to be on that path for a little longer than we first expect. And that is perfectly OK.

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