Choosing Tumble Dryers

People who live in regions with prolonged wet or cold climatic conditions require dedicated dryers which are efficient and faster. The drying process of clothes during such seasons, is a time consuming one. Even in tropical countries, people find it necessary to use dryers during winters and monsoons Kameymall . Again, in the context of climate change and resultant vagaries of nature, unseasoned rains and unprecedented snowfalls play tantrums with the lives of the people. Consequently wet and humid conditions prevail for extended periods creating hardships.

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Washing machines with dryers are used widely, but dedicated tumble dryers are much faster than them. And as such consumers choose dryers to expedite the drying process. Further, clothes will not get crumpled and can be ironed without difficulties. It is to be mentioned in this context that modern dryers are designed to make the drums to spin in both directions to avoid the crumpling of clothes. The demands are increasing in the recent past throughout the world because of the new situations.

Integrated washing machines are generally expensive than dedicated dryers. It is economical to have this appliance, even if the washing machines have dryers integrated with them because the former facility will have much more capacity than the later ones. There are mainly two Air Track types of tumble dryers available in the market. The vented type uses dry air which will be sucked into the drum.

Wet clothes in the rotating drum will absorb the hot and dry air and in the process they will get dry. The residual humid air will be pumped out through venting ducts provided for the purpose. The hose pipe will release the exhaust air to the atmosphere outside causing inconvenience to the neighbours as well as environmental problems. For this reason vent type dryer is not preferred by those who live in apartments etc.

The other type is known as condenser tumble dryers. In this type the damp air will go to a condensing chamber, where the steamy air will get cooled and converted into water. The water thus formed can be drained out either manually or through drain pipes without causing hardships to others . Vented types are cheaper, but making provisions for venting ducts through walls or widows will be difficult in certain types of buildings as mentioned earlier. Generally tumble dryers consume more energy and therefore considered very expensive. But now many branded dryers come with energy labels indicating their energy efficiency. There are machines which work on gas, but availability of appropriate gas has to be ensured.

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